What is the semiconductor package ?

What is the semiconductor package ?

What is the semiconductor package ?

Semiconductor package refers to the process of obtaining a separate chip by testing the wafer according to product model and function requirements. The packaging process is as follows: the wafer from the wafer front-end process is diced into small dies by the dicing process, and then the diced wafer is glued to the island of the corresponding substrate (lead frame) , And then connect the bond pads of the chips to the corresponding leads of the substrate with ultrafine metal (gold, tin, copper and aluminum) wires or conductive resin to form the required circuits; then Independent chips are encapsulated and protected with a plastic case. After the plastic package, a series of operations are also performed. After the package is completed, the finished product is tested. Usually, the product is tested by Incoming, Test and Packing, and finally delivered to the warehouse.

What are the common Semiconductor package?
According to the materials used to divide the semiconductor device package in the form of metal Semiconductor packageceramic Semiconductor package and plastic Semiconductor package.

Metal Semiconductor package


Metal packaging began in the transistor package, then slowly applied to the flat-type package, basically the metal - glass assembly process. Because of this kind of package size is strict, the precision is high, the metal part is easy to mass produce, so its price is low, the characteristic is excellent, the packing craft is agile and flexible, it is widely used in transistor and hybrid integrated circuit such as oscillator, amplifier, frequency discriminator, Converters, filters, relays, and many more, today and in the future. Many miniature and multichip modules (MCMs) also use this metal package. The types of metal packages are optoelectronic devices including light with the window type package, with lens type and with optical fiber type; jealous device package includes Type A, B and C type; mixed circuit package includes dual in-line and flat type; special Device packages include the moment positive, multi-layer multi-window and non-magnetic material type.



Ceramic Semiconductor package

In the early years, most of the semiconductor packages were mainly ceramic packages. Along with the development of high integration and high speed of semiconductor devices, miniaturization and price reduction of electronic devices, ceramic packages have been partially replaced by plastic packages. However, many uses for ceramic packages Still has an irreplaceable function, in particular, increase the working frequency of integrated circuit components, signal transmission speed and chip power consumption increase, you need to select low-resistivity wiring conductor material, low dielectric constant, high conductivity of the insulating material Wait. The types of ceramic packages are DIP and SIP; for large scale integrated circuit packages include PGA, PLCC, QFP and BGA.




Plastic Semiconductor package

Plastic packaging due to its low cost, simple process, and suitable for mass production, and therefore has a strong vitality, since the birth of faster and faster development, the packaging of the share of more and more. Currently plastic packaging accounts for more than 95% of the IC market worldwide. Consumer circuits and devices are basically plastic packages in the world; the proportion of industrial circuits is also very large, the type of package is the most. The types of plastic packages are discrete device packages, including Type A and Type F; integrated circuit packages include SOP, DIP, QFP and BGA.