About Us

Shenzhen Honnec Electronic Information Technology Co. LTD., owned by Guangdong Hottech Industrial Co., Ltd, is mainly operating E-commercial business of electronic components. Hotking Electronic (www.honnec.com) is a One-stop e-commercial platform of electronic components, original from our own factory, including semiconductors, ICs, resistors & capacitors, sensors, conductors, power supply, switch etc.. Meanwhile, we also offer top brands of electronic components from all over the world. By learning and sharing advanced skills and application trend in this field, we aim to promote the technical progress and industry development of Chinese electronic components. In the near future, we will join in together with more Chinese brands to provide our own products to the whole world. Supported by own factory and mature supply chain, together with over 6000 square meters warehouse, Hotking’s business have covered Russia, Middle East, southeast Asia, Europe and America area. We also establish distribution warehouse in different countries, in order to save delivery cost and shorten delivery time. With over 20 years’ experience, we have obtained several patents and 15 production lines of diodes/transistors. Our products cover full series of resistors, including different sizes from 0201 to 2512, ultra low/high resistance and customized ones. Our factory, located in Dongguan city,Guangdong Province, has over 10,000 square meters and over 300 employees. The factory introduces advanced production machines and inspection equipment, implements the idea of market-oriented, technology-driven, quality came first, specializes in researching and producing active components including diodes, transistors, MOSFET, voltage regulators, IC, and passive components such as resistors and capacitors.


- Anti-oxidation Alarm Device of Wire Bonder
- An Improved Tubing Structure of Sorter
- Detection Tool of SOP Package's Pins
- Anti-cassette Quetschen Guiding Rail of Carrier Tape
- A Frame to Avoid Pins Drop When Packing Electronic Products
- Anti-Electro Static Discharge Thick Film Chip Resistors
- A Machine to Reject Defective Shaped ICs
- New IC Sealing Structure
- Negative-voltage Protecting Wafer Structure